Q: What Makes Xtreme Bokashi Compost, extreme?
A: This ain’t your neighbors compost…

Xtreme Bokashi Compost is an aged & blended compost;
enhanced with select, ripened ingredients…

Our Story

Two friends and colleagues decided the time now to develop a Premium Fungal Compost that is biologically complete. They wanted to turn away from the traditional use of petroleum based manufactured fertilizers and soil additives and create a sustainable and natural product. This means less use of harmful pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers and a more organic biology-centered approach. After applying the Xtreme Bokashi Compost on his estate landscape projects, George realized the immediate benefits his installed plants were receiving versus other landscapes that were not implementing a biologically complete compost.

The road map to this partnership was developed from their over 30 years of friendship and business relationship. Together, George and Pogo have 60 plus years in their respective businesses.

George, the owner of George Bridge Landscape Design and George Bridge Boxwoods, is known for his large mature boxwood, specimen trees, and stunning landscape designs. Upon implementing Xtreme Bokashi Compost at his estate landscape projects, George noticed immediate benefits his installed plants received versus the others.

Pogo, the owner of Pogo Tree Experts and Acme Biomass, has pioneered a diverse array of of revolutionary compost-related products. Holding certifications as both an arborist and a Maryland Tree Expert, Pogo is at the forefront of innovation in the compost industry.

Both George and Pogo share vision for a movement towards a more natural, chemical-free future. Their commitment to embracing sustainable practices reflects a dedication to the well-being of both soil, plant health, and the environment.

Xtreme Bokashi

Our biological complete compost stands apart from traditional composts with its locally sourced soil organisms that are critical for the establishment of the living soil end product. Our Xtreme Bokashi Compost contributes to nutrient cycling, disease suppression, and overall soil health. Our production process optimizes biological community composition, which produces a nutrient-rich soil amendment that promotes optimal plant and soil health.
Rich in nutrients, our proprietary blend of biologically active compost, biochar, horticultural molasses, Azomite, beneficial microbial, and humic and fulvic materials allows us to deliver our Xtreme Bokashi Compost.

Best used as an amendment for trees and shrubs when mixed 20 to 25% ratio to existing soil or mixed 1/3 ratio to your current compost. Can use as a top dressing at 1″

Our Proprietary Blend

Creates an apartment housing like habitat for micro organisms to thrive & increasing your soil fertility.

Beer Water
That’s right, we said beer water.

The “O.G” of organic matter, this ancient compost is sure to keep your soil from lacking nutrients.

Rock Dust
Boosts your soils necessary mineral count to achieve optimal plant health.

A sugar rush for your soil.

…just a few of the premium components in our proprietary blend.

Re Think Your Fertilizer


After years of chemical applications, land managers are being left with no choice but to question their soil management practices. With each application of chemicals, a large percentage of organic matter is depleted from the soil, becoming a desert like habitat unable to sustain life on its own. The soil becomes dependent on the need of a substitute and no longer thrives naturally on its own, entering a sad cycle of poor soil management.

WHY Xtreme Bokashi Compost?

Xtreme Bokashi Compost assists in providing plants the ability to intake & digest nutrients from the organic matter within the soil. Allowing the plant to thrive and to sustain life.

Judiciously applying Xtreme Bokashi Compost will provide 95% of your woody plants nutritional needs!

Best use as an amendment for trees and shrubs when mixed 20% ratio to existing soil or mixed 1/3 ratio to your current compost. Also use as a top dressing apply 1” – 1 1/2”.

Our Hero

Meet Jairo Restrepo

With over 40 years of experience as an agronomist, agricultural engineer, and global lecturer, Jairo has left an indelible mark in over 30 countries, conducting workshops, conferences, & providing private consultations.

Born in Colombia and later a naturalized in Brazil, Jairo has played a pivotal role in shaping organic agriculture globally, particularly in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. His focus lies in developing innovative techniques that revive traditional rural knowledge, with a special emphasis on fertilization and nutrition methods, soil recovery and conservation, soil diagnostics, and planning transition processes for farms seeking to shift from chemical treatment to organic agriculture.

Throughout his career, Jairo has been dedicated to advancing sustainable agricultural practices and fostering the exchange of knowledge on an international scale.

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